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Glimakra 63″ (160 cm) standard counterbalance loom REDUCED PRICE

I have a beautiful Glimakra 63″ (160 cm) standard counterbalance loom
that I would like to sell or trade. I acquired it in the late 1970s in
Berea, Kentucky. The loom’s condition is excellent.

If you wish to purchase it, we prefer for you either to pick it up here
locally and save on shipping, or arrange shipping yourself at your
expense, with our assistance. We are located in Asheville, North
Carolina 28805.

Price: $4540, obo.

I’m looking for a smaller (39″- 47″) well-built countermarch loom and am willing to trade, with an
adjustment made for differing values.
Contact me





I do not have room for this darling great loom any more. this 27′ is
from the early 70′s . I have owned it for almost 2 years, it’s history
before me is unknown. It has a warp release lever with a pulley which is
unique and not available on any of the later models. it is also shorter
in height than the later ideal models. this little loom has seen lots
of use but there is NO warping or NO cracks , i loved weaving on it, it
so comfortable and quiet.There are some water stains from a decades old
owner. somewhere ; i left them , they could probably be refinished, but
i liked the the feeling of the loom and how it is with all of it’s
history. i switched it all out with new texsolv .
Counterbalance 4 harness 6 treadle ( with 4 more new harnesses)
brand new assembled never used second back beam
32″ original bench
brand new threading holders for the reed and lease sticks never used.
new warping sticks never used
3 pairs of lease sticks two pairs never used
2 new reeds 8 and 12 dent 12 still in it’s package
all new texsolv tie up with the similar “bead vavstuga” configuration
all ready ready done.
4 brand new additional extra harnesses with new texsolv heddles 400 total
the glimakra loom book
and more $2,200
PICK UP ONLY (i will not ship this loom) located 40 miles out side of
San Jose California.
if you go on your laptop, or desk top( NOT YOUR TABLETS OR MOBILE DEVICES)
you can see more photos and lots of in in the text descriptions either
below each photo or in the margins to the right go here
contact Jill <>

ideal 27

ideal 27

Ideal 27"

Ideal 27″




For Sale; 60″ Glimakra “upright” 2 shaft, 2 treadle Regina tapestry Loom.

Must be partially disassembled for removal from my studio.
Location: Florence, Mt., 59833. Phone 406-273-0021.
Price $1700.00.

tapestry loom

tapestry loom




Used 48″ Regina Rug Loom
Ideally somewhere close to northern Arizona
Please contact me


Check out this new listing for a Sovereign.

Vintage Glimakra Sovereign Loom, 250cm (96 inches) wide.

Imported from Sweden. In very good condition, complete with all parts,

extra heddles,harnesses and sliding bench.

Adapted with sectional warp beam.

Used for large tapestries. Also great for blankets.

For sale by original owner, located in southwestern Vermont.

Susan S. or tel. 802-325-2075





Demo/floor model: Emilia rigid Heddle Loom

Demo model 13.5 inch Emilia rigid heddle looms
5 available, some with warps still on

Comes with 10 dent heddle, flat shuttle, sley hook, threader, warping peg and 2 clamps
$219, includes shipping in US lower 48 states.


50 cm Emilia



54″ 10 harness Glimakra Standard Loom , $3000.

Condition: Used–”I have used this loom for weaving fine fabrics & for heavy rugs; the tension is even and reliable for both and the wide shed makes both hand-manipulated and fast-shuttle weaving easy. The loom is in excellent condition– it has had only light use.”

Included: counterbalance conversion kit

warping board


Texsolv heddles and tie-up

Shipping: By freight or U-pick up from San Francisco East Bay, California location



150 cm Standard loom in Winnipeg.

Loom: Glimakra¬† Standard (Swedisch), Counter Balance, 150 cm (59″ weaving) together with all required accessories e.g. harnessess, threadles(9 w 10 holes ea), pulleys, bars, lams, needels (9), etc.etc. Floorspace required L193 x W160 x H175 cm.
Asking Cda$ 2000. or US$ 1900.; S&H extra. Ph. 204.257.0423

Pictures below, description, etc coming soon


winnipeg 150 cm




REGINA LOOMS, 60″ and 40″ (hard to find!)

Regina looms, 60″ and 40″ weaving widths. Both purchased in the 1980′s, lightly used, wrapped and put in storage. Excellent condition. $2000 for the larger, $1800 for the smaller, does not include shipping from Idaho. Please email

Regina Loom



WANTED: Regina Tapestry loom

I am looking for a Regina Tapestry loom in good condition with a 48 inch weaving width. I live in Wisconsin. Contact information either email or by phone 715-822-3677