Stainless Reeds

Stainless Steel Reeds: 4 and 4.75 inch height

Glimakra reeds are stainless steel and available in any length up to 98 inches. We stock reeds in both 4″ and 4.75″ heights and in these sizes: 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 221/2, 25, 30 and 32 dents per inch. Reeds can be cut to fit your specifications. The outside length of a reed is about 1/2 inch more (3/4 inch for tall reeds) than the weaving width.

Glimakra reeds are simply the best. The tradition in Glimakra reeds started in the beginning of the 19th century and they are still making quality reeds. The depth of history and knowledge is given to you in durable, sturdy and functional reeds from Sweden. The steel in Glimakra reeds is stainless and made for reeds with very slightly rounded edges and smooth finish without sharp edges to wear on the warp.

The spacing of dents on reeds is obtained by wrapping cord around the wooden spine. The size of the cord and the number of wraps will vary the number of dents per inch. Glimakra reeds are made using multiple wraps of finer yet tough cord around the spine rather than a single wrap of a thick, bulky cord. This makes the reed spine stronger, more resilient and less bulky than a quickly made, single wrap of thick cord.

Hand work is still critical to quality reeds.

Reeds are available in any length up to 8 feet and in dents from 5 to 32 per inch.They are available in four inch or five inch widths in stainless steel. Reeds can be cut to fit your specifications.

Weavers generally need more than one reed if weaving a variety of warps and setts. The most common sizes are 10 and 12 dent reeds. Rug weavers may use 6, 8 and 10 dent reeds. Fabric weavers may want 12 and 15 dent reeds. Reeds can be used as raddles when warping a loom.

We can cut reeds in any length up to 240cm (95 inches).


Reeds are priced by the inch. Finer dents are more costly than coarse reeds and tall reeds are also more costly. See the price list for a table of reed prices.