Glimakra Warping Equipment

Warping Reels

Warping EquipmentWarping reels (sometimes called mills) are a three dimensional, rotating frame with four sections. They turn on a central axel for winding the warp. The turning is very smooth and requires only a gentle push. Using a warping reel is the fastest and most accurate way to wind a warp. For winding a warp with 2, 3 or more threads at a time, the reel will be easier to use than a warping frame. Glimakra reels fold to take less space when not in use. A cross piece for winding the cross is removable and the dowel at the other end has many possible positions, so a warp of any length can be made. A second cross piece is available for making a second cross. For most weaving one cross is sufficient, but the second cross can be used for making warps double length so that two bouts can be wound at the same time. Glimakra’s 3 meter floor model can wind a 64 yard warp. The table reel can wind up to a 30 yard warp. The table reel is put on a low table or you can put the table reel on the floor and sit on a chair to wind your warp. The table reel is 2.5 meters (or about 8 feet) in circumference and about 47 inches tall. The 3 meter size floor reel, is 10 feet around and about 78 inches tall, Both are in stock. Inquire about the 4 meter reel. Extra cross pieces are also stocked.

Warping Boards or Frames

Warping frames are less expensive than reels. They can be taken apart for storage and have removable dowels for ease of taking the warp off. Our warping frame is called the Sofia. The Sofia warping frames is 1 yard across and will give you a 9 yard warp. It is well made, easy to assemble and disassemble and can be wall mounted.

Loom Mounted Warping Frame
For the Glimakra Standard loom a warping frame called Ronja mounts on the back of the loom. It can be attached with no drilling or cutting. You can wind an 18 yard warp on the smallest Glimakra standard with the Ronja. The wider looms will give you longer warps. For the Ideal loom, the Astrid warping frame will give you an 8 yard warp.

Other Warping Tools

Spool Racks and Holders
The spool holder will hold up to 12 spools of thread for winding your warp. It is 38 1/2″ tall, and has screw eyes on the top so that the spools unwind smoothly. Glimakra also makes a two spool holder. These are very simple with two metal dowels, useful if you need a smaller and less expensive item.

Sley HookRaddles and Hooks
Glimakra also has two types of raddles to use in the warping process. One is the ‘in-beater’ raddle which fits into the space for the reed in your beater. It has spaces between the ‘teeth’ of 1/2 inch. The second model of raddle is called the ‘hoop’ raddle. It has a series of hoop shaped metal pins which can give you 1/2 inch or 1 inch spaces. It is mounted on a board that you can then put at any convenient place on your loom. These two little reed and sley hooks can also be useful in the warping process and the cord thread is always useful in weaving. Cord threaders are quite useful for threading cords and rigid heddles. Try one.