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Sept. 2, Only 2 left! ….We have 2 Emilia looms available, 13.5 inch weaving widths, which are in very good condition. They have had parts replaced with new parts due to shipping damage. May have slight marks from shipping damage. These looms are available for $209, which includes shipping cost in the US. The loom comes with all the accessories which normally come with the Emilia loom and you can choose an 8, a 10 or a 12 reed. Email orders@glimakrausa.com


Available again, finally!  The Big Book Of Weaving.  In paperback.  A GREAT book for weavers

Call now or email us to get yours.


Amish hand made bench baskets

Made by an Amish family in KY. $65. Contact orders@glimakrausa.com right away

Amish basket-handmade

Amish basket-handmade

Need information on Ordering items from Glimakra USA? Click here Glimakra USA LLC works very closely with the GAV-Glimakra factory in Sweden. Glimakra-USA LLC maintains a large warehouse in Montana (largest in the world outside of the factory in Sweden) to better meet demand on a timely basis. In most cases, items ordered can be shipped the next day…including large floor looms and their attachments and accessories. We also maintain an inventory of Swedish threads, yarns and weaving kits. Visitors are welcome. So, if you happen to be in Montana or in Helena, the capitol city of Montana, give a call to get directions. MapQuest works too. Glimakra-USA LLC prides itself on doing more. Glimakra Swedish weaving equipment follows a long line of proven construction techniques. Sturdy and functional design give you the equipment that works well and will serve for generations. Glimakra Products make your weaving easier and more comfortable. Ease of operation is a  primary feature of our looms and products. This web site contains a lot of information on weaving and looms from a glossary to detailed information for your use. Use the navigation menus on the top of the page and on the left side to help you find information on products, techniques and answers to questions. You can also use the contact information, request a catalog, get information on ordering and download a price list on the lower portion of the page. Have fun. Joanne.